Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mr. Sun where are you hiding?

Today I woke up to pouring rain. So much for taking the twins out for a walk, it's torrential outside. Instead lots of naps, cuddles, and the power flickering on and off.

The sun has been out the past few days, with summer-like weather. It's been wonderful, especially after a long New England harsh winter. I've become very sensitive to cold and snow, and even after growing up in New England, I hate the winter. Maybe it's because I spent the last few years before this winter living briefly in San Diego, CA, and then in Georgia. I got spoiled with mild winters and warmth. I feel like I have lost my thick New England skin, because I've seen how nice a winter without snow can be!

This blog I believe will truly help the boredom I face here at home, and the silence when my children are sleeping. It's a nice break from laundry, dishes, and household chores. Don't get me wrong, I love being a stay at home mom with my ever-so-smiley babies, but it's nice to have an outlet and interaction with people over the age of one, even if only online.

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