Thursday, April 7, 2011

Very, very tired.

I'm taking a little time to post today because I feel that I need to update more often. I am extremely exhausted lately- 21 weeks pregnant now and chasing after 21 month old twins. It's a little bit of craziness around here!

We are currently house hunting and hoping to close on a house in July- just mere weeks before my due date. We're looking at back up rentals in the area in case that doesn't happen, as our current place is not nearly big enough.

I've been stocking up on "fluff" (cloth diapers) for our daughter. It's so crazy- much more fun to buy cute girly diapers. She now has a stash that should last us for at least the first 8-9 months size wise. It's strange to me as we started cloth diapering when the boys were about that age, not from the beginning.

We are currently in the process of starting potty training with them, I feel like they are getting more and more ready to use the potty. They're learning how to dress themselves, and know very well how to undress themselves. They are growing so big and so fast- I can't believe they're not actual babies anymore. They'll always be my "babies" though!

Anyways thanks for following, and I will hopefully post another update soon.