Monday, January 3, 2011

Took some time off!

With the holidays and the tornado that comes with it, I took some time off to spend with my husband while he had time off as well. We had a great holiday, and a great new year's eve/day.

I've been extremely nauseous (and exhausted) so staying on the computer for any amount of time is difficult lately. The kids have been doing wonderful going to bed in a reasonable time frame lately, which I love. The more sleep they get, the more sleep I get.

I'm trying to win and buying more diapers to get a really good stash going, I don't really have enough for a full 2 days of diapering the twins, and doing laundry daily is pretty difficult in this house. I've ordered some Econobum covers and prefolds, and a few more Smartipants diapers. Should bring my stash where I would like it to be, without breaking the bank. I've been really digging the few good prefolds I have because they don't get stinky like the microfiber. I am getting tired of soaking my dipes all the time.

Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up with tons of energy, I need to do a good sweep through of the house. I never imagined having 2 toddlers would be harder to have the house stay clean than when I had two newborns up every 2-3 hours. I got more sleep then as well!

Now I am hoping that with my magical Swagbucks earnings will buy me a carpet shampooer- because my guys think it's funny to open up a sippy of milk onto the rug. I keep hoping that things will get easier- and I'm hoping my kids learn to play nice with their sippies.