Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September already?

I am a little happy and a little sad that September is here already. While I will miss the summery beach walks and the swimming, I will NOT miss the tourists. Plain and simple, they are irritating. Traffic, beach crowding, jacked up summer prices in stores, not a fan.

Yesterday my husband and I got an iced apple cider from Dunkin' Donuts, man that thing was tasty! I love the taste and smells of fall- cool crisp air, apples, cinnamon, pumpkin- sensory heaven. I also am excited to get the boys' Halloween costumes this year. As cute as they were last year, at a few months old we certainly weren't out trick or treating.

We're back on track cloth diapering-wise, and that is awesome. My grandmother and aunt got to see what a modern cloth diaper looks like (compared to what they used) and they were amazed. My grandmother was impressed with how functional and attractive they are. Cloth diapers FTW, lol. I love the boys in cloth, and we plan on CDing our third and possibly fourth child as well.

Anyways, that was a quick update, I'm sure there will be more at some point later on.