Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's crunch time!!!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we will be having 7 people up here in my tiny house. I still have tons of cleaning to do, but I can't do anything "noisy" right now, because the twins are finally napping and I don't want to ruin their much needed rest (cranky little teethers).

I feel a little overwhelmed- we just found out we're expecting again (#3 and possibly #4) and I am completely exhausted. Does anyone out there have any tips on caring for the household and children while dealing with pregnancy discomforts? I am seriously exhausted and feel like I could hibernate all winter long.

I think I will do some baking for tomorrow when hubs gets home. I have found it really difficult to bake during the day because the boys need my attention so much, and it's hard to safely "contain" them as they learned to tip over the superyard XT and can climb right out of their pack and play.

Hoping that I can rest this weekend after the holidays are over... Mommy needs a break!

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