Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve!

Today was pretty fantastic. Had the family up here, had some good food and opened a ton of presents. I got the three things I wanted most this year and I am very thankful. What are they you say? A winter coat (I haven't owned one in a few years), a better cell phone (got for free!), and a Keurig coffee maker. I'm not as materialistic as I was when I was a kid, but among the other bunches of stuff the kids, myself, and my husband got I am so happy it was mainly clothing and things we needed. My mom does "stocking stuffers" every year with toiletries, which saves me money and time by not having to go out and buy any for a while.

Overall, the kids had an awesome day, and took a nice long nap after everyone left (it was wayyyy overdue) and went to bed fairly easily tonight. They have lots more presents to open and play with from Mommy, Daddy and Santa. The house looks like a tornado blew through, but it was still an amazing day and totally worth it.

I don't think tomorrow can even top it, and if it's even half as good I'll be happy.

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